To Lead, Follow! (HINT: we need you to follow. Now)

On an old blog of mine, I embedded a TED video. Now, my tech skills are rustier or TED is craftier at preventing people from embedding their content.  But this video (about 3 minutes) floated thru my inbox as part of a TED New Year's series. It's as good now as it was when I first pointed it out about 5 years ago.


Here's the video link: Watch it.

What you'll learn, in a short, amusing video:

1. Leaders are important, but over-rated.
2. Only when there are followers, is someone a leader.
3. The "first follower" is a scary role -- you may be following a nut. So, you'll be viewed as a nut, too.
4. But, once there are 3 of you, you've got momentum, building to a movement

It's never been more important to find your movement than it is now. Things you value and cherish are likely under threat. Someone is starting something in your neck of the woods, on an issue you care about.  Follow them!

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